Wisdom teeth pain and infection can come and go and be of varying severity each time. The important thing is to seek advice as early as possible. Early detection of issues may help avoid damage caused to other teeth by the mispositioning of wisdom teeth. At Healthy Smiles, we make extensive use of PRF for almost all wisdom teeth surgery which helps with healing. 

At Healthy Smiles both the dentists are fully trained for wisdom teeth removal surgery and have good experience in this field. We are able to remove a wide range of wisdom teeth In House without having to refer patients for such treatment. Each case is checked carefully with the correct x rays and CT scans if necessary and we work within our capacity. If your case is particularly tricky then we will refer you to Spire Hospital in Harpenden or BMI Saxon Clinic in Milton Keynes for very quick Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant led surgery or into the local NHS hospital of your choice.