Our surgery offers CBCT Scans. We can provide these scans on a referral from your dentist. If you are traveling to Europe / abroad for Dental Implant treatment then we can accept a referral for a scan for your dentist overseas and provide you with a CBCT scan.

  • All images are provided on a USB stick with complimentary viewing software.
  • We have invested in some of the latest dental equipment on the market and have a fully supported Carestream CBCT machine on site.
  • Our cost for CBCT scans: £100 per region of interest or per jaw. We are also able to provide a Radiography report if requested.
  • You may call the practice on 01582 572052 and make an appointment.

For Referring Dentists

Please use the online form below and then we can contact your patient. Our referral service for CBCT Scanning is for CBCT Scanning only. We will return your patient to your care after the scan and no discussion on treatment modalities will take place. If you have requested a radiography report then this will follow shortly after the scan. Your patient should be able to place their own Radiographic Guides if required.


Dental Implants

Implants are available at our practice. For your preliminary chat please contact us.

  • Price List for Implants
  • Preliminary Chat: No charge ( chat is done as a part of your normal exam which costs £23.80)
  • Implant Assessment Including In – House CBCT Scanning : £150 ( £50 assessment and £100 CBCT per jaw / scan)
  • Implant Placement : From £900 to customized quote for complex work.
  • Crown on Implant : From £450 to customized quote for complex work
  • Bone Addition : as per quote
  • Sinus Lifts : normal price is from £200 to £1500 per tooth area. We will give you an estimate for your particular case after an assessment. Dr Kumar and Dr Minal are experienced in this field. We have successfully treated many cases achieving more than 13mm lifts when required. We employ a variety of techniques best suited to your case. All work is done in house.
  • Ball Park Figure for 1 missing tooth all in ( without sinus surgery) is about £1500 to £2050 including Implant and Crown on top. We use Nobel Biocare and TBR Implants. We will give you your exact estimate after your CT scan. Each case is individual due to infinite possibilities.
  • Fees for implants are payable in 3 stages: Fee1 at CT Scan stage, Fee 2 before Implant surgery and approximately 3-6 months later , Fee 3 before the manufacture of the new teeth. To keep our prices affordable we do not take part in any zero % payment schemes.