We offer an Implant Retained Denture solution. 

An Implant retained denture is indicated where someone is having difficulty keeping their own dentures in due to the denture moving about when eating etc. Implant retention will enable to denture to sit more securely and clip onto the dental implants. Such a denture is to be removed everyday for cleaning. Most patients will find the additional “click-fit” of the Implant retained denture to be a huge improvement over their existing denture solution.  

Below are a couple of images to give you a better idea. The cost of these treatments are typically Implant cost x 2 per jaw and then about £2000 for the denture. We can typically do a case for about £5000-£6000 per jaw for this mode of treatment inclusive of all the CT scans and Implants needed. Our treatment Journey here is : Exam > Treatment proposal with bespoke Estimate > Consent Process for Implants > Implant Placement Surgery > Review > Implant Retained Denture > Review 

For Patients willing to explore this: simply ask your dentist at your next exam or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

For dentists wishing to refer patients: please use our referral form on the Implants and CBCT page Selecting Implants and then we will contact your patient.