Our Guarantee statement

We aim to provide the highest quality of private dental care and services to our patients. Occasionally, however, patients are not happy with the result or the treatment may need to be redone.

We therefore make the following refunds for treatments:

• A crown, filling, inlay, pinlay, bridge or veneer needing to be replaced with a year of placement, a full refund will be given or the replacement will be free if done at our practice; if replacement is not possible and a different new treatment is needed then that new treatment will be discounted by the price paid for the treatment in question. Please note that root canal treatments and any restorations on top of the root canal are not guaranteed. Please see the separate root canal information sheet that you will receive with any root canal treatment. There is no refund if the treatment done is against the dentist’s professional advice. Also please note that if fillings need to redone due to new caries or decay developing under the filling then this will be chargeable.

Implant guarantees are as per the consent process in the separate Implant document.

Denture Guarantees and conditions are as per the separate Denture Consent process.

For any more Specific Guarantees please refer to your treatment plan.