Methods of Payments

Payment Policy

It is the policy of the practice to request payment in full upon consent for any treatment you agree to undergo. If treatment is later not carried out then there is a refund for that part of the treatment. If treatment in progress changes and the charges change then you will be informed of the same and asked how you wish to proceed further.

We accept cash and most major cards with the following symbols.


Healthy Smiles Dental Practice Price List. 2021


Examination & Diagnosis

  Occasional / Non-Member Patient. Pay-As-You-Go Fee Structure Member Patient. In House Dental Plan costing £20 per month. PLAN DETAILS ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE
Item Fee FROM (£ GBP) Fee FROM (£ GBP)
Joining fee n/a 50 Fixed Non-refundable Fee. Not applicable to regular patients within recall date and zero balance.
New Patient Exam 23.80 Free / Included
Small X rays 7 Free / Included
6 Monthly Exam, 23.80 Free / Included
Implant Chat 1Chat  Free for 15 mins 1 Chat free for 15mins
Implant Assessment 150 150
OPG X Ray ( not included in exam charge) 30 0.00
CBCT Scans. Price Per Scan/Jaw 150 100
Emergency Appointment during working Hours 50 35
Failed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice £1 per minute £1 per minute

Periodontal Treatment

Simple Scale & polish (1 visit) 65 Free / Included twice a year.
Stain Removal 95 45-85
Surgical Periodontal Treatment As per Quote As per quote


Silver Fillings 65 45
White fillings 90 75
Sealants 50 45
Root fill 123 325 300
Root fill 45 350 325
Root fill molars 500 375

Crowns and Bridges

Non-precious metal crown 350 300
Precious metal crown 450 400
White bonded crown 450 425
Metal free white crown 650 500
3 unit bridge 1300 1100
Veneers 600 500
Other restorative work As per quote As per quote

Extractions, Oral surgery & Implants

Extract 1 tooth 115 95
Surgical Extraction 1 tooth 175 165
Wisdom teeth As per Quote As per quote
Implant 900 per implant. Restoration charged separately. 900 per implant. Restoration Charged separately.


F/F Plastic 850 each or £1200 for upper/lower set 750 each or 1000 for upper lower set
F/F Metal 1300 each or £2200 for upper/lower set 1200 each or 2100 for upper lower set
Partials Plastic 500 400
Partials Flexible denture 950 800
Partials Metal 750  
Repairs As per quote  
Implant retained dentures As per customised quote. Typical cost would be Implant cost x 4 + about 1900 per denture. As per customised quote. Typical cost would be Implant cost x 4 + about 1900 per denture.


Out of hours call out 200 140
Emergency same day appointment 50 20
Acute condition Assessment 85 (plus x rays) 50 (no cost for x rays)
Any other treatments As per Quote As per quote
Refix 1 crown 80 50
Refix 1 bridge (conventional/maryland 120/80 50/50
Tooth Whitening, 6% hydrogen Peroxide at Home whitening gel 300 250

Prices Correct at time of going to press. Prices can change without notice. A displayed price list is always available. The fees for any treatments are due in advance, if treatment is not carried out then there will be a refund for that treatment.

We provide an extensive range of dental care including, oral surgery, fillings, dentures, periodontal , implantology .We have a fixed price list as displayed above. After your exam we will provide you with a bespoke estimate. We have a pay-per-treatment plan approach and will not tie you into any monthly payment schemes. You can choose to be a Pay-As-You-Go Patient or Join our In House Dental Plan. The benefits of the plan are in the plan literature.


Our In House Dental Plan Literature is Below

Plan leaflet

Plan Join Form

A&E Claim Form Jan 2021

A&ESummary Form

Dentist A&E Policy Wording