We offer Sinus Lift Procedures as part of Dental Implant treatment.

Why is a Sinus Lift needed and what is it? 

When a tooth is taken out ( the upper premolar or molar teeth), the air sinus directly above the tooth / teeth falls into the space where the tooth root was. This reduces the length and volume of bone and as a result a Dental Implant cannot be successfully placed as there is no bone to place the Implant into.

We gain access to the sinus and add bone so that an Implant can be placed.

The image below will clearly explain the idea: 

What is the cost of the Procedure ?

The cost varies from £200 to £1500 per tooth area, depending on the case. Each case is individual and is priced up after a careful assessment of your CT scan. 

Sinus lift complications

A major risk of a sinus augmentation is that the sinus membrane could be pierced or ripped. Should this occur, the therapeutic remedies include stitching the tear or placing a patch over it.

In some cases, the surgery is stopped altogether and the tear is given time to heal. Often, the sinus membrane grows back thicker and stronger, making success more likely on the second operation.

There are other risks involved including infection, inflammation, hematoma, pain, graft failure, sinusitis etc.

However, the overall success rate of a proper sinus lift procedure is excellent (95 to 97%).


At Healthy Smiles, we have experience in this field and perform both “internal” and “external” types of sinus operations.